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Friday, May 18, 2012

If you're on dialysis and would like to go abroad why not get on to this web site http://www.hditravel.com/en/15.htm and get packing for your holiday i've use this contact twice and they arrange everything for your destination. All you need to do is get your paper work completed by your hospital and send it to the contact i was told by a few people "going to France you'll never get in contact with anyone" hditravel had my holiday sorted within a week. I did try myself to contact a few French hospitals and it was hopeless.

Note: you need to know the dates you're travelling from and to and pick your Dialysis days. HDI will provide you with a form to be completed by you and you hospital.

About HDI


Holiday Dialysis International is an organisation owned by Fresenius Medical Care which offers a free world-wide booking service for dialysis sessions to HD patients.

Holiday Dialysis International restores mobility to dialysis patients by providing them life-saving dialysis treatment in every corner of the globe.

Holiday Dialysis International assures the highest standards of dialysis treatments in all the dialysis units it selects for use by patients.

Holiday Dialysis International takes care of managing the direct contact between the dialysis units and each patient’s doctor for the exchange of medical information.

Holiday Dialysis International assures that the patients’ dialysis treatments are performed in line with their dialysis programmes at home to ensure a smooth continuity of dialysis care for patients whilst on holiday.

Holiday Dialysis International ensures the availability of Fresenius Medical Care machines and single use disposables in all the holiday dialysis units.

Booking with Holiday Dialysis International is the easiest and safest way for patients to ensure their dialysis sessions anywhere they would like to go in the world, either for holidays or for business.

Holiday Dialysis International grants an accurate and prompt assistance to patients both during and after the dialysis booking procedure.

Holiday Dialysis International’s service is possible thanks to the support of the partners and affiliates of the Fresenius Medical Care group.


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